Who are the Norwood Companies?

Norman Finkelstein, President of The Norwood Companies and their affiliates, has been a residential builder and developer in southeast Michigan for more than 30 years. He has been responsible for the development of a number of successful single-family and condominium communities. He serves on the Board of Directors of the local, state and national Builders Associations and has served two terms as a Vice President of the Michigan Association of Home Builders. Mr. Finkelstein is designated a "Professional Master Builder" by the Building Industry Association of Southeast Michigan (BIASM) and received an award for Distinguished Service to the Housing Industry in 2008. He is currently Vice President of BIASM.

Mr. Finkelstein is also a Michigan real estate broker and is the owner of Norwood Realty Co., Pride Realty Associates and Great Lakes Preferred Re alty. He is a member of the Metropolitan Consolidated Association of Realtors and serves on its Legislative Affairs Committee.

Together with a team of talented architects, engineers, finance and construction professionals, Norwood is proud of its accomplishments and the strength of its future.

The Norwood Companies include: Norwood Homes Ltd./ Norwood Construction Co. / Norwood Highland LLC / Concord Homes LLC / CF Equities LLC / Norwood Realty Company / Pride Realty Associates LLC Great Lakes Preferred Realty LLC